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Nourish your hair in between visits with the ALL NEW 1-2 Step line!


Meet Loc Top Jazz

As a Loctician and veteran Naturalista, I know that loving your hair means loving your look, but the journey can get overwhelming for most of us. That's why I care about my clients hair as though it were my own, and I look forward to giving that confidence to every person who sits in my chair so they feel empowered to strive for strong, beautiful natural hair.


As I was finding what I loved for myself and my own natural hair early in my journey, my friends and family often consulted me about what they should do with theirs. Through experimenting and encouraging them to try unique styles and products, I grew both my interest and practice in cultivating healthy hair for the black women in my life and even the ones in theirs. And trust me, nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy and confidence they find just by looking in the mirror.


After 11 years of embracing my own natural beauty through tons of styles and showing others how to do the same, I’m so excited to bring you that experience. Whether you’re starting locs for the first time, looking for a protective style that fits your lifestyle or searching for a new product as you go through your own natural hair journey, Loc Top Jazz wants to guide you to healthy, strong hair that you’ll love!


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